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        Located at the east end of Florida's Ocala National Forest, Lake View Dressage is a quiet, private, small boarding and training farm where happy dressage horses are trained and trail ridden by Liz Cornell. It is also the home of stallion Aria SE. 
        Liz's training of her own horses and client's horses is a quiet methodical approach to progressing horses along while developing all the correct muscling without rushing. Occasionally we offer dressage horses for sale that mostly appeal to the amateur and young rider market.  Please visit our sales page to see what we offer currently.
        We have taken a few sport horses in for rehab as well. There is limited stall availability which allows for the personal attention for both students and horses.
Tel.  352-653-5597                        Email:  editor@warmbloodstoday.com                                Astor, FL 
"Dressage training in a tranquil setting"