"Dressage training in a tranquil setting"

    Liz Cornell has been riding and training dressage horses for over 25 years. Moving to South Florida in 1999 exposed her to better training and instruction where the development of a more correct seat and correct connection became her focus. 

     With the help of many Wellington area excellent trainers, especially Heather Bender, Liz has now trained many horses to 4th level/PSG. Liz has also participated in numerous clinics with famous trainers in the industry, but what really matters when assessing a good trainer is how the horse performs.

"Every trainer needs a trainer" is Liz's philosophy. We all need eyes on the ground. It takes a team of three: the horse, the rider and the trainer. Liz also believes in the classical training scale, and targets it to the individual needs of each horse. Every ride in the saddle must begin with the correct tempo and rhythm with relaxation while riding straight and forward into a steady and consistent contact. Over time as the correct muscling is developed, more and more collection and extensions can be asked of the horse. These elements make a happy horse when you are kind, forgiving of their mistakes, and soften your seat and aids frequently.

Learning this sport as an adult gives her an advantage when instructing students since she's 'been there done that.' Liz is available for lessons and specializes in helping adult amateurs and young riders develop their dressage seat. Rates are very reasonable and lessons can be arranged for truck-ins or maybe at the student's farm. Call 352-653-5597.

 Above: Liz instructing at the covered arena 
at Plumwood Arabians in Altoona, FL.

Trakehner stallion Baron Verdi and Liz
practicing some 3 tempis.
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